Tuesday, 25 July 2017

CALPOL is a magic potion....

Its been a little while since I have posted anything, I just haven't really had anything to say and haven't done any product trials in a while... I have applied for a couple so I'm just waiting to hear if I have been accepted or not.

I did receive an invitation from BzzAgent for the CALPOL Teeth Campaign, as I have a 16 month old who still only has 7 teeth I thought I would give it a try. I received my BzzKit which included;
  • My campaign leaflets with some hints and tips about teething
  • A beautiful purple dribble bib
  • A CALPOL chalkboard
I gave my son the chalkboard and some chalks to play with while I read through the leaflet, he thoroughly enjoyed being able to scribble and make his mark on the board. I absolutely adored the bib, it was so soft and made to a really good standard considering it was free. Unfortunately it was the wrong kind of purple, I would definitely say this is a girly bib and to be honest I'm pretty lax when it comes to bibs, I cant remember the last time I put a bib on my 16 month old...It is just so much faffing and totally spoils his outfits!!

Anyway....having had 3 children, I have gone through teething numerous times, I thought I was a pro but as it happens I don't think I have ever actually thought about using CALPOL. Its such an obvious thing that I have never thought about, yes I have used it for immunisations and if my boys aren't well and its like a magic potion as it is like they were never poorly but never have I thought to use it for teething! You always see mummies on forum sites and groups on Facebook asking for advice and there are loads of suggestions that pop up from teething powders to gels and liquids and then the good old teething rings. I have even tried biscuits specifically designed for teething but they were no good. So when my baby decided to grow so more teeth and if they cause him discomfort I will definitely be reaching for the CALPOL.

I have tried chemist and stores own paracetamol before but I don't think they are nearly as good as CAPOL, so I'm more than happy to pay that extra to have the CALPOL brand. I'm a bugger for buying stores own to save money but when it comes down to my boys I will sacrifice for them.

Here is a picture of my littlest one with his chalkboard #DroolisCool

So next time you are pulling your hair out with a screaming teething baby just reach for the CALPOL because it is a magic potion ☺

Friday, 28 April 2017

Beauty and the Beast

So I've finally seen the new Beauty and the Beast and I wanted to express my views/opinion of it.
I had seen a few reviews from different pages I follow on Facebook stating it wasn't very good, Emma Watson wasn't the right actress, she was too English etc but I went in with an open mind.
I enjoyed how the film was different but yet so familiar... I was very unsure about the Beast being made up with all the make up and wigs at the beginning of the film. I just didn't gel with it at all. I did like how they added to the back story about how the Prince became a beast right at the beginning of the film. Obviously being the disney fanatic I am I was fully aware of how the beast came to being anyway.
As a child and even now I never really questioned where Belle's mother was, the new film cleared that up... I thought it was a brilliant touch how they incoroarated her mother and we got to see what happened and how that day changed Belle and her father's life, maybe that's why they are so close.

I  liked how they changed the ending slightly, instead of last minute Belle kissing the Beast, the petal actually fell to the floor and all the characters were set into their inanimate objects. The best bit being when they all turned back to human that they all had traits from their objects i.e. the gentleman who was the piano had teeth missing like the piano did.
I was very unsure about Emma Watson playing Belle, I just don't think she was the best actress for the role. She did an absolutely brilliant job don't get me wrong but I just didn't click with her, I couldn't loose myself in the film. I don't know if it was because the songs she sang were different or if it was because her voice was different or if it was because I'm just so used to the original version. To me she will always be Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.
I honestly don't have much to say about Dan Stevens who played the Beast, I'm not clued up on all these special effects and stuff they do on films. He was great though. I'm not sure about the appearance of the Beast, the huge horns put me off a little if I'm honest.
I personally thought the actor who played Gaston, Luke Evans, was absolutely spot on (spot on = I hate this quote...my husband always uses it and it has rubbed off on me) anyway.... when I looked at the actor I could immediately tell who he was and I could visualise the original film.
There were some funny bits and some sad bits and some edge of your seat bits... I don't want to give too much away incase anyone reading this hasn't seen it yet!
I waited to the end of the credits and I did note that Celin Dion sang the song while the credits where rolling which she did for the original film too.
It's definitely worth a watch but I personally will be sticking with the original. Nothing can beat an original film....
Ive heard that they are thinking of making The Little Mermaid......

*I have added IMDB links for anyone who is unsure of actors/actresses and I have put a link to the film.

Friday, 14 April 2017

Hi There....

I plan on using my blog to give my opinions and views on different subjects, mainly products I've bought, new websites I have used, products I've been sent to test, and on websites I use to earn vouchers that I put towards Christmas and Birthdays, having a larger family it really comes in handy saving that little bit of money over the Holiday Season.

I may even give a cheeky insight into my crazy every day life...I have a husband and 3 boys so I have encountered a few situations I might be able to give some advice to others on. I have a 6 year old, a 3 year old and a 1 year old. So my life can get a little bit whirl wind crazy sometimes.


So for some reason best known to himself, Calvin who is my eldest, calls me MamaSaurus! I don't even know where it came from he just came out with it one day and its sort of stuck. When I was scrolling through my Facebook an advert appeared on my timeline to a website called Fairy Seasons, there was a picture of a t-shirt saying mama saurus so curiosity got the better of me and I had to have a little look.

I'm normally very cautious about these kinds of website as you always hear stories of people not getting items and then more money coming out of their accounts that wasn't agreed and then if the product arrives its not true to size etc. I did read and re-read all the comments underneath the advert and although there was some negativity I thought I would give it a chance.

So I placed an order and waited patiently for it to arrive....I got an email a few days later to say my item had been dispatched. About a week later I was checking for tracking information on my order but because it was free post I was unable to track it, I was a little gutted but I was happy to wait a little longer, I did pay an extra 90p for insurance so that if I didn't receive my item I would get a new one sent out to me at no extra cost to me.

About 2 weeks from when I placed the order my t-shirt arrived. I am really happy with the quality of the t-shirt itself. It's soft and the stitching is really neat and tidy. The print on the front however isn't of the best quality, its a little rough and I feel after a wash or two it may start to crack. I think its the kind of t-shirt that will suit the 'warn fave t-shirt' look.

The fit of the shirt was my main concern, I'm a healthy small size 12, I've had 3 kids so I have a few curves. I always struggle going to market places getting clothes as their sizing works out small and even a Large can be too small for me, the same with the likes of Ebay and other international websites. I did my research though and made sure I looked at the sizing properly as every item has different sizings, in the end I ordered a Medium and I'm so happy that it actually fits properly. The sleeves aren't too tight on my arms and the length of the shirt is just right, it sits perfectly with my skinny jeans.

I will post a picture below of me wearing my t-shirt.